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We have been selling top-quality Angus cattle for over 25 years with a strong genetic background that keeps getting stronger every year.

From Our Feedlot to Your Plate

When people think Angus, they think quality.  That's why more and more restaurants are switching exclusively to Angus beef and are going out of their way to advertise that.  Angus beef has become the industry standard for consumer beef quality.  That's because Angus delivers with outstanding marbling, flavor, and tenderness.  In addition, because the marbling scores are so high with Angus beef, the meat stays moist while cooking, especially at higher temperatures.  Therefore, you can assure you'll be enjoying a nice juicy steak, roast, or hamburger every time.  

Our annual production sale is the last Saturday in April.  We offer yearling purebred registered Angus bulls and yearling purebred registered Angus heifers on our annual sale.

These are the latest A.I. Reference Sires we are using.  This is an excellent lineup of genetics offering calving ease, good disposition, pound gainers, maternal qualities, and more!



Here you will find photos of some of 2020's yearling sale bulls along with photos from our 2019 production sale.

Annual Sale


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Wicks Angus

Top Genetics Pay Dividends

You can't go wrong with good genetics and the Angus breed has delivered some of the best genetics in the world.  For the producer, Angus genetics make better cows by improving their milk production, disposition, weight management, fertility rates, and more.  Top Angus genetics also produces calves that gain more and gain more efficiently.

For the consumer, Angus genetics yield beef that's safer with better marbling, texture, and overall quality.  

  • Registered Purebred Angus Bulls
  • Registered Purebred Angus Heifers
  • Registered Purebred Angus Cows
  • Consumer Beef (Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger, etc.)
  • Alfalfa, Corn, Soybeans, Oats, & Cover Crops